Dual Nationality Certificate

Dual Nationality Certificate

According to Article 2B, clause-2 of the Bangladesh Citizenship (Temporary Provisions) Order-1972, the Bangladesh origin Canadian citizen may apply for Dual Nationality Certificate issued by the Government of Bangladesh. The Consulate General of Bangladesh in Toronto will officially forward the application package to the Security Services Division (SSD), Ministry of Home Affairs in Dhaka for subsequent actions. After necessary processing in Bangladesh, SSD will send the certificate to the Consulate General for onward delivery to the applicant.

 COVID-19 Safety Guidelines:

The Consulate General of Bangladesh in Toronto renders in-person consular services amid COVID-19 pandemic. Except few specific services (which need personal appearance), applicants can apply online followed by both way postal deliveries (with trackable return envelope). However, applicants are requested to follow the health guidelines/orders/measures promulgated by the provincial and federal government.

Applicants are humbly requested to follow below guidelines during their in-person appointment at the Consulate General:

i) For in-person interview/consular consultations/submission/collection, please be present at the Consulate General according to your appointment slot scheduled online.
ii) Visitors must wear face mask, please note that Consulate General follows ‘NO MASK NO ENTRY’ policy.
iii) After entering to the consular waiting room visitors must sanitize their hands and
iv) Once inside, visitors must respect social distances i.e., sit in designated chairs, stand only on the designated red-marked spots and maintain 6 feet distance.

[Your safety is our priority, help us to ensure it]

Required Documents for Dual Nationality Certificate

i) Copy of valid Bangladesh Passport of the applicant(bio-page 2 & 3).
ii) Copy of valid Canadian Passport of the applicant (bio-page 2 & 3).
iii) 45mmX35mm recent photograph with white background - 6 copies (must send the physical photos).
iv) Citizenship certificate of Canada (applicant not born in Canada).
v) Birth Certificate of Canada (applicant born in Canada).
vi) Copy of the passport(s) of the father and mother (if applicant born in Canada).
Affidavit (Declaration) affirming the truth of the statement made before the Notary Public in Canada attested by the Global Affairs Canada or Affidavit (Declaration) signed in front of the Consular Agent at the Consulate General of Bangladesh.
viii) Documentary evidence, if any, regarding remittance(s) sent to Bangladesh.
ix) Online payment/Bank draft/Money order/Certified cheque or to be paid in person by Debit/Credit card.
x) If applicant wishes to add any information/comments/documents in support of the application, may upload online as additional documents.

[Please prepare digital copies (scanned or clear photograph) of the above documents for Online submission]

Step 1: BDCG Online Application

Click here »» Create profile »» Choose service »» Upload photograph »» Complete online application »» Upload all required Documents »» Save & Submit.

A confirmation page will be generated and a copy of that will be sent to the applicant's e-mail, please print and sign the confirmation page for onward submission.

Applicant must submit documents either in-person or by post to the Consulate General within the 90 days of online application. Failure to submit/send document(s) within 90 days will result in automatic expiration/deletion of BDCG Online Application from the Digitised Consular Service System (DCSS). There will be no refund of fees for such expiration/deletion. 

Step 2: Document Submission

Applicant should send or submit i) signed confirmation page ii) original copy of the affidavit/declaration iii) 6 copies of 45mmX35mm recent colour photographs iv) any other documentary evidence applicant wants to affix iii) Bank draft/Money order/Certified cheque (if not paid online) or pay in person by Debit/Credit card to the Consulate.

By Post: Applicant may apply for Dual Nationality Certificate online followed by postal deliveries. Please send a self-address trackable return envelope with all required documents (in duplicate) to the Consular Section, Bangladesh Consulate General, 2235 Sheppard Ave. East (Atria II), Suite # 1505, Toronto, ON M2J 5B5, Canada. Applications sent by post must reach to the Consulate General directly, no application will be collected from the post office or courier service. Applications received without trackable return envelope will not be processed.

In-Person: Applicant must be present at the Bangladesh Consulate General in Toronto as per online appointment scheduled for in person submission. Booked appointment can be rescheduled/managed by login to Your Application and selecting 'Manage Appointment'.

Step 3: Paying Fees

Government fees for 'Dual Nationality Certificate' is C$ 80.00, for details please see Consular Fees. Applicants may pay online- a transaction receipt will be e-mailed to cardholder’s email OR through Bank Draft/Postal Order addressed to the “Bangladesh Consulate General in Toronto” OR through Debit/Credit card at the consular counter of the Consulate.

   [Consulate General of Bangladesh does not accept any cash payment]

Step 4: Processing

Bangladesh Consulate General in Toronto will examine the application and forward the same to the Security Services Division (SSD), Ministry of Home Affairs in Dhaka, Bangladesh for final decision. As soon as Dual Nationality Certificate ‘ is approved/issued- SSD will send the certificate to the Consulate General for delivery to the applicant. Accordingly, Consulate General will intimate the applicant via email to collect the certificate. It may be mentioned that as the ‘Dual Nationality Certificate’ is issued by the Security Services Division (SSD), Ministry of Home Affairs, Dhaka it may take considerable time for verifications and approval process in Bangladesh. Therefore, Consulate would deeply appreciate applicant’s patience on the matter.

Step 5: Disposal

By post: Dual Nationality Certificate will be sent to the return address.

In-person: Applicant will be notified via email to collect the Dual Nationality Certificate from the Consulate.

Special note:

  • Incomplete Application will not be processed.
  • Bangladesh Consulate General reserves the right to request for any additional document at any stage of the application process.
  • Bangladesh Consulate General reserves the right to withhold any application for further examination.
  • Bangladesh Consulate General reserves the right to reject/cancel any application at any stage of the processing.
  • If requires, Bangladesh Consulate General may request applicant for in-person interview.

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