Title Publish Date
1. Can I pay the Consular service fee in cash. 11/08/2023
2. To get a ‘No Visa Required (NVR)’ stamp for family members, do I have to bring all my family members. 11/08/2023
3. Can we renew Bangladeshi Passport from Toronto? 11/08/2023
4. Do you have photocopy facility at the Consulate General? 11/08/2023
5. What is the measurement of the required photo? 11/08/2023
6. Can I learn Bangla in Consulate? 11/08/2023
7. Can we do the National ID card from your mission? 11/08/2023
8. Why we can’t do POA with expired passport? 11/08/2023
9. Is it compulsory to attest authorization letter while doing passport attestation for Police Verification Certificate? 11/08/2023
10. Why do we need a copy property ownership document for doing POA? 11/08/2023
11. Why the witness should be from Canada for POA? 11/08/2023
12. Is Notarization compulsory for POA document? 11/08/2023
13. Does the Consulate General attest Canadian document? 11/08/2023
14. If my child has MRP passport, can I send the passport for Re-issue to the Consulate by mail? 11/08/2023
15. Can the Consulate General help to find a lawyer at Bangladesh? 11/08/2023
16. Do the High Commission/Consulate General send our POA document to Bangladesh? 11/08/2023
17. How a foreign-born child/spouse get ‘No Visa Required’ stamp if the father/mother/spouse is a Bangladeshi origin Canadian citizen without Bangladeshi passport or National ID card? 11/08/2023
18. What if the applicant does not have enough time to receive New/Re-issued Bangladeshi passport for POA signing? 11/08/2023
19. Can I get Dual Citizenship Certificate from the Bangladesh Consulate General in Toronto? 11/08/2023